How the TOCO record keeping software simplifies your SME’s accountancy

Reinhardt Haverans
24 March 2020

Alongside The Glue (the fintech company run by Jurgen Ingels and Stefan Dierckx), Philippe Kimpe (39) developed a software platform that helps entrepreneurs to unify and control their financial records, from billing and banking to accounting.

Philippe was the head of the IT department in a prominent accountancy company when he thought up TOCO’s concept.

“We got so many positive reactions, I decided to give up my job and completely go for it”, Philippe says.

The team behind the TOCO record keeping software - Brainbridge

After working on the platform for 3 years, Philippe founded TOCO along with Veroniek Willen (COO) and Sven Beauprez (CTO) in february 2019. “Veroniek has a background as a consultant in banking, Sven has a lot of experience as a software architect.

This versatile cocktail of accounting, banking and technology made TOCO quickly take flight. Moreover, with an average age of 35 we are no longer twentysomethings creating a startup from an attic somewhere, but experts with a lot of experience.”

What added value does TOCO generate for entrepreneurs trying to streamline their financial records?

TOCO is a new indispensable application for young entrepreneurs. It allows you to closely follow up on your finances. It unites your different bank accounts into a single portal, that also stores your documents, invoices, transactions and accounting information.

“We remove the complexity by offering one handy application for your SME’s entire financial archive.”

Financial record keeping software TOCO comes with a mobile app- Brainbridge

For what type of company or entrepreneur is TOCO best suited?

“TOCO is available for everyone – self-employed or SME – who dreads collecting and finding all of their documentation for their VAT returns each quarter, and who loses a lot of time in the process. TOCO creates a pleasant environment where you can upload, control, pay and send documents to your accountant.

With the software, you’ll regain control over your accounting system. You’ll keep everything close and your accountant won’t have to wait until the end of the quarter to work on your records. We can’t make it more fun, but we can make it easier.”

Where do you see TOCO in 5 years?

“In the short term we mostly want to release a qualitative financial record keeping software into the Belgian market, one that functions ‘maniacally’ well to win the domestic market. Besides that, our software is already completely available in the rest of Europe. We’ve already been talking to the UK, the Netherlands, France, Germany, Finland and Italy, among others.”

“We remove the complexity in financial record keeping by offering a single application for all of your company’s records.”

Looking for more of our expert’s insights? Philippe also shared his views on the evolution of record keeping (coming on 31/03), the part AI might play in accountancy (coming on 07/04)  and handed us 5 tips to streamline your financial records (Coming on 14/04).

  • The new accountancy: the evolution and automation of your financial records
  • AI in accountancy for SMEs: what the future holds
  • 5 tips to optimize your finances

Ready for the next step? Get advice from the Brainbridge experts about being a freelancer in IT or check out the TOCO financial record keeping software to optimize your processes.

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