5 tips to optimise your finances

Reinhardt Haverans
14 April 2020

Philippe was the head of the IT department in a prominent accountancy company when he thought up the concept of his automated record keeping platform TOCO. In this article, he gives you 5 valuable tips to optimise your financial record keeping.

Image of Philippe Kimpe from TOCO - Brainbridge

1. Experiment

Don’t get scared off. There are many good tools on the market that help you take your first steps towards a clear and efficient financial record keeping system.

2. Link the silos

Your bank, your internal books, your own records, your accountant… they might as well be islands. Bridge the gaps!

Entrepreneur linking all systems in financial records - Brainbridge

3. Take the lead towards your accountant

Make your accountant meet your expectations. Explain to them how they can do better and decide for yourself what you need.

4. Reorganise

Don’t move mountains, but make digital first a priority. Ask suppliers, customers and, of course, colleagues to do the same. It’s almost black and white, but working digitally for 100% has the best chance of success.

5. Change

It seems obvious. Digital transformation is now on the agenda for every industry in the world, even for the smallest companies. So: embrace change. Embrace cloud technology. And embrace people. The only constant here is change and finding stability in the changing tides.

Armed with these 5 tips for streamlining your financial record keeping system you’ll optimise the entire process!

Interested in more expert insights? Philippe also explains how his software helps optimise your financial record keeping system, the role of AI in accountancy and he shares his vision on the evolution of accountancy from past to future.

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